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The Reading Platter


💭 I hired my first intern and I have some thoughts!

Last month I had comparatively extra work. It was hectic and that increased a little pressure on me so I thought of hiring an intern. It was my first time hiring an intern and I would like it to be the last for some time now😅 She did complete the project and helped me as…

Showing up today… for myself😌💜

Creating content can be exhausting but it is fun at the same time.🤭 This post is very late today because I was busy with some personal stuff and deadlines. At first, I decided to not post today on LinkedIn. But I stand firmly with my beliefs and principles and I have strict work ethics for…

I’ll let you pick what I read… today🤭📚

I am doing a really fun challenge live on my YouTube channel – “The Reading Platter” today and you all are invited😍💌 I have been thinking of doing this for a long time now and I tried it last month. It was so much fun and so I decided to invite you guys as well.…


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My name is Rashi Aggarwal
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I am a Freelance Scriptwriter and Copywriter.
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